According to Irina Levchuk, inventor of the 3D Volume Hollywood Eyelash Extension Technique, 3D lashes “are the future of eyelash extensions.” Unlike old-school fake lashes that are difficult to apply and impossible to keep adhered longer than a few days, these 3D lashes (often made of silk or mink) are natural-looking and last for up to three months with routine maintenance!


The difference lies in the technique used to create the thicker fuller look. Instead of one whole section of false lashes being glued over one’s natural lashes, multiple singular faux lashes are used instead. Clusters of very fine individual false lashes are adhered each natural lash and fanned out in an artistic display of breathtaking beauty. The results are gorgeous, outlined eyes that cause onlookers to second-glance.

These lashes are made identical to real ones, and up to 6 faux lashes can be applied to each individual natural lash. A variety of different looks can be achieved according to the preference of each client. The process is finely tuned by experts, ensuring that each perfectly polished faux eyelash is subtly attached; No one will know they are not natural!

Full, classic, 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D

Some examples of the different looks provided are: full, classic, 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D. Any choice can be curled or uncurled, colored (two tone or multi-colored) for added enhancement, or plain. Full and classic extensions are perfect for those who wish a more gentle look, and/or those with sparse natural lashes who just want to fill in the gaps. 2D extensions are a little fuller, and created by adding a faux lash to each natural lash. With the 3D eyelash extensions, you have 3D volume lashes! They are 3-times the thickness and 3-times the lusciousness. For the 4D, 5D, 6D extensions, multiple faux lashes are applied per natural lash creating a dramatic look that’s sure to turn every head one passes by. The 3D and above are super dense looks that are mostly used for photo sessions and filming, etc. Caution must be used for those who have thin or sparse natural lashes to prevent weighing them down. Experts use specialized techniques to try and prevent weight-down, however it can be a challenge if there isn’t enough natural lash to work with.

If all the above information isn’t tantalizing enough for someone’s imagination, they can look into decorating their extensions! Choices of their hypoallergenic decor for extended eyelashes include items such as Swarovski strass , colored beads, star dust or “spangle” as it’s called, and wispy feathers.

Swarovski strasses are tiny crystals made of glass that come in all colors. They are applied to the very tips of the eyelashes or even on one’s natural lashes. They are extremely light and are said to be extremely comfortable. Feathers can be custom-colored to match any outfit or attire, and are applied to the very outer, external part of the eye to create a beautiful shadow effect. Spangle, or star dust as it’s known, are little, shiny particles that are in essence, “powdered” and adhered over the lashes, creating a gorgeous flickering effect that lasts for quite a long while. If someone has a difficult time choosing the many different styles, there are experts that are waiting and delighted to help.

The process

Whether you are already a beautician, or just simply interested in lash extensions, you can find extensive assistance by signing up for a training session. You’ll learn every detail of eyelash extensions and decor including: the history of eyelash extensions, safety techniques, eye anatomy, all forms of extensions (cluster, Japanese, Russian eyelash extension, etc.), materials used (glue, tools, curling tools, lengths and thickness of faux lashes etc.), eye preparation, different effects (such as 3D eyelash extensions and volume eyelash extensions), the philosophy of extensions, eyelash correction, eyelash removal, common mishaps, client communication, and building a client base.

What does the process of getting lash extensions applied feel like? In one word, it’s “luxurious.” One lies down and closes their eyes for an hour while soothing music plays all around them, while an expert attaches tiny, soft, air-like wisps to your own lashes. Some beauticians even offer a free massage while you’re lying on the table!

Before the process begins, one will choose the length desired. Lengths offered are 9mm to 15mm. Most will choose 10mm -12mm on average. After this, a choice of curl must be decided. The choices are “J” and/or “C”; both together create a cat-eye look.


Material must be chosen next. To choose from, there is: real hair, real or faux mink, real or faux silk and faux fox. There isn’t much difference between any of the choices, so it’s much wiser to go for the cheapest one which is faux mink.


Care of eyelash extensions are simple, and when done properly they’ll last a couple of months. It is smart to maintain them every 2 weeks. If you can’t afford to have them touched up, you can expand their life by avoiding water and oily products. Surprisingly enough, you can wear make up with them, as long as they are not liquid-based. Be sure to use oil-free makeup remover, and absolutely do NOT use mascara, as it will damage them and cause the need for replacement.


This is greatly discouraged, but if someone is brave enough to pull off the eyelash extensions their self instead of letting the experts do it, they can pull out their own natural eye lashes as well. If this happens, it has been said that Vaseline applied to the eyelash line will help to heal the eyelid and grow new native lashes. It is much wiser to allow the professionals to remove them. The process is painless, fast and reasonably priced. If you want to wait, however, they will fall off with natural shedding.

Eyelash extensions are indeed a breakthrough in beauty for the modern age. They make staying gorgeous easier than ever.