When it comes to nail polish trends, Instagram is one of the best places to stay ahead of the curve. And so far, summer is shaping up to have plenty of looks to copy, ranging from chic, short nails to “slime” polish.

As noted by HelloGiggles, jelly nails are the latest worthy trend that you might be spotting all over social media. The name could invoke a couple of images, and chances are, you’re right about both: They’re as colorful as fruity jams and jellies, but they also look a lot like those rubbery throwback sandals from the ’80s and ’90s. Some people are calling them “see-through nails” or “glass nails,” because they’re slightly sheer, just like many jelly sandal styles.

To achieve the look, HelloGiggles adds that you should add a clear tip to your nail, or sculpt it with clear gel. (Alternatively, you could always get some press-on jelly nails instead.) To see what the process looks like, check out this video from Unistella, who calls the look “PVC nails” and help get the trend started last month.

A quick scroll through the hashtag #JellyNails on Instagram will reveal that you can get this style in pretty much any color, and in a variety of lengths. If you’re into talon-like claws, opt for multi-colored stiletto nails. If you’d rather keep things on the shorter side but still show off the sheer effect, go for a chic ballerina shape.

These nails are definitely perfect for summer, so make sure to match your mani to your feet with a pair of jelly sandals before you hit the beach. And if you Instagram it, you probably won’t even need a filter — these colors are that bright.